The UMYU Library Circulation or  Lending Section comprises of the activities around  lending of library books and other materials to the users of the library. Circulation or Lending section is one of the most strategic and sensitive sections of the library. The circulation section of UMYU is located at the top floor consisting of the circulation desk, book shelves, reading area and online cataloging access systems. The main public service point is the circulation desk usually found near the main entrance of the section. This section provides lending services and facilities for return of loan items, renewal of materials and overdue charges for late returning are all handled at the circulation desk. Some other  issues handled by circulation counter or desk include the registration of users etc. as elucidated below.


The following persons are eligible for the Library membership:


Registered pre-degree students

Registered internal undergraduate students

Registered postgraduate students


Members of the permanent academic and non-academic staff

Members of the temporary academic and non-academic staff

Members of the Contract basis academic and non-academic staff

Membership Registration

Students are enrolled at the beginning of a new academic year, subject to the receipt of confirmed details of such students from the Academic division of the University as well as the completion of application form.

Staff members are registered by submitting the duly completed application form after the receipt of a copy of the letter of appointment from the Establishment department of the University.

Lending Service:

Lending service as observed is perhaps the most important service provided by UMYU library. It is essentially a social service in which users of the library have the privilege of borrowing library materials either for reading or consultation at their convenience. Apart from books, other resources in UMYU library that can be loaned out include such materials as audiocassettes, videotapes and projectors. To promote equal and fair access to library holdings, lending out library materials is considered to be very fundamental.

In UMYU library, all bonafide users are expected to register with the main Library where they are issued with their borrowers’ tickets.  This enables the user to borrow books for a stipulated period of time, renewable for the same initial loan period twice.  Senior staff members are allowed six tickets and the period of loan is one month renewable twice for other two subsequent months if demanded.  This regulation is subject to periodic review.  Students can no longer use their tickets at the end of their course or when they are withdrawn or expelled from the University.

Other Duties of Circulation Librarian

  • Monitoring materials for damage and taking them to the appropriate staff to repair or replace
  • Guiding the users on how to use the library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) at Circulation Section.
  • Collecting statistics of books in the circulation section.
  • Library registration for staff and students.

The circulation section is the backbone of the library it can also be said that this section has the unique role for providing information to the users. It consists of books from various disciplines such as education, psychology, library and information science, political science, sociology, Hausa, Economics, Accounting, and Geography. Users have been provided with the OPAC terminals at the entrance of the library where they can search for their required materials in any language. Moreover, the UMYU library is about to turned its  circulation transactions online with the use of OPAC in which the computer will be used to check in and out information resources.