1. Provision of materials for undergraduate instructions term papers and projects as well as for supplementary reading.
  2. Provision of materials in support of faculty Libraries external and collaborating researchers.
  3. Provision of materials in support of Postgraduate research.
  4. Provision of expensive standard works especially in professional disciplines.
  5. Provision of materials for self development
  6. Provision of specialized information on the region within which the University is situated.
  7. Cooperating with other academic Libraries with a view of forming network Library resource sharing to improve our collections and services.
  8. Preserving and transmitting knowledge through bibliographical instruction and proper organisation of the Library collection.
  9. Contributing to the extension of the frontiers of knowledge through the provision of relevant research materials to aid researchers.
  10. Enriching University academic programme with up-to-date information and helping all categories of users to obtain information from other sources.